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Property Insurance is a necessary aspect of being a responsible property owner, as it helps protect you financially against accidental damage to a home or business due to storms, fire and other issues that arise through no fault of the property owner. In some cases, there are disputes about whether certain damages are covered by an insurance policy. In these situations, the help of insurance reports is needed in order to settle the disputes and prove that a property was or was not damaged in a way that should be covered by the insurer.

We can help with these claims through the use of expert inspections and written reports that are performed to Australian standards. Our team has a total of nearly 40 years of experience in the building and inspection industries, so we have extensive knowledge of construction and how damages are incurred.

Normally, Insurance companies appoint and rely on reports provided by selected “Panel Contractors” regarding their inspection of any alleged building damage. If you disagree with the decision of the Insurance Company, it is your privilege to obtain another independent opinion from a respected building inspector, such as Northern Rivers Building Consulting Services. We have been undertaking such inspections since 2004 and have viewed numerous declared Natural Disasters, such as cyclones, fires, floods and hailstorms.
We have been providing the Northern Rivers area with reliable and trustworthy services for decades. This is a testament to our reliability and honesty as a business. We care about getting to the factual issues of any property so that a fair resolution can be obtained for both parties. All of our reports are detailed and feature all relevant information needed to make known the factual evidence relating to the matter.

We’ll also give our expertise to determine how problems should be addressed. We can also recognise whether any issues were formerly repaired defectively and whether the building is still fit for habitation. Our team is committed to providing the most thorough and dependable services, so you can trust that our advice and written reports will not steer you astray.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are always available to provide more information on our services. We also make sure you understand the details of your report and the advice offered by our team.