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During a property dispute, especially in regard to settling matters on defective or incomplete building work, the use of an Expert Witness Report can be a crucial element in assisting the outcome of the case.

It is important during these matters to not only properly identify whether or not there is an issue with a specific building, but also to determine what is causing the problems and how they can be rectified in a satisfactory manner and to comply with the current standards of building.

Common causes of defective buildings include moisture damage and leaks, cracks in the walls and roofing issues. Our team has nearly 40 years of experience both as expert builders and as property inspection specialists.

In the role as an Expert Witness, we undertake an independent and unbiased approach in preparation of our reports as our role is to provide the correct technical information to the Tribunal or Court to assist with their determination for the correct decision.

This is a responsibility we take seriously, so that each report is specific to the situation to ensure an accurate and reliable account of the issue. We’re dedicated to getting to the fact of every matter, and we utilise our years of practical building, inspection and consultative experience to carry out each task to the best of our ability.

We can identify problematic issues in a property to assist with the correct and proper rectification and/or remediation of the issue at hand. We not only recognise where homes and businesses have been allowed to fall into disarray due to failure to maintain the property, but also when defective repairs have been undertaken.

This can be a major problem, as building contractors and property owners may try to cut corners to fix an existing problem. The resulting poor workmanship leads to a recurrence of the original issue. It may also create additional problems that can remain concealed until significant damage or dilapidation makes the issue “surface” sometime in the future.