Building Reports in Ballina


Reliable Building Reports in Ballina


With nearly four decades of experience in the building industry, we have a sound understanding about residential and small-scale commercial construction. That’s why homeowners, real estate agents, financial institutions, builders and solicitors trust our expertise when it comes to building reports and inspections.

We not only provide conventional services like construction and building condition inspections, but we also offer thorough evaluations of dilapidated properties and provide Expert Witness testimony on technical building matters regarding building disputes. We provide detailed reports to provide clear information that may be needed for successful transactions, court case proceedings and to ensure the safety of occupants. Our commitment is to provide honest, dependable and detailed reports to assist home and building owners from incurring financial loss.
During property disputes, expert witnesses play a vital role in securing a fair ruling. We work with the courts and strive to ensure honest evaluations of the properties we inspect ahead of proceedings.
Having consistent, ongoing inspections during the construction process is the most cost-effective way to prevent expensive repairs later on. We provide expert advice on when to have these inspections for the best results.
Not all property defects are immediately apparent to the layman. We have the skills and expertise required to seek out even underlying issues to provide accurate reports on a property’s safety.
We provide detailed dilapidation reports, so you can keep an accurate record of the condition of your property before and after the commencement of public works.
If your property has been damaged during a storm, fire, or other outside sources, we can provide a full report to identify the issues to settle insurance disputes.
We work with body corporate residents and owners to provide full property details to settle disputes on the condition of individual or groups of residences.